Letters from some of our patients

My whole life, I had very unhealthy teeth, but as an adult, it got really bad. Besides feeling ugly and hopeless about it, I constantly suffered from horrible toothaches and infections that would swell up my entire face, which really made me concerned for my overall health. I feel like my bad dental hygiene was a part of who I was and was always a big excuse for holding back in life and never showing a real smile. I have tried in the past to help myself and fix my teeth, and it did make a difference for a while.

Long story short, I did not have care that would sustain me long-term, and eventually, I found myself in a worse dental situation, and my self-esteem throughout my life really took a big blow. I got the amazing opportunity to start this process with Dr. Khoury, and it really has changed my life forever. Dr. Khoury and his staff have been a blessing and a privilege. I am so relieved to not have to keep Mortin with me at all times, and I have never smiled so much in my life. I am so proud of myself for overcoming all my fears of the dentist and for showing my smile. I put all my faith and trust in Dr. Khoury, and he has exceeded my expectations every step of the way. For that, I will always be so thankful.

We are just about finished with all my work, and I couldn't be happier. I have taken many steps forward that I had never seen possible before my experience with Dr. Khoury. I can't even imagine what my life would be like if I never took this step, and I strongly encourage anyone who is putting off their journey to start it as soon as possible because, with initiative and a great team like Dr. Khoury and his staff, all your dreams can come true as well. To Dr. Khoury, thank you so much for your generosity, kind heart, and all your time. and for everything you've put into upgrading. my entire life.

Shelby B.

Over the years, I have lived and worked around the country. Having had several different dentists and all types of dental work being done. I went every fear six months and more the fear was always there.

After chaven implants then switching to another dentist who said he could help with the permanent denture then couldn't. I called Dr. Khoury's office (my husband's dentist) and they got me in the next day.

I am so impressed with ce Das. Khoury - he is patient, kind and excelles in his work He explains what needs to be done and worked hard to create a smile I am proud of. The staff are amazing and helpful. We moved to the West side of the state (4 hrs) and have stayed with Dr. Khoury. The fear of dental work is gone. Thank you.

Laurie P.

"I could feel the effects of grinding and the loss of functionality, and it concerned me."

Socially, I didn’t think it really affected my self-confidence. Though, now that I have completed treatment, I do find it easier to approach people. I could see the results of nightly grinding and it wasn’t going to get better without action on my part. I made the decision to set a dental goal for myself and together Dr. Khoury and I came up with a plan. I rarely visited the dentist prior to this decision so having regular visits was a huge change to overcome. My dental health, self-esteem and social interaction have all been improved. People are nicer to me, even strangers. Now that my bite is fixed, I am more confident when eating in public because of cleanliness.

Kyle C.

"We have had a long-standing family relationship with Dr. John Khoury"

My wife, my sons and I have been patients of Dr. Khoury and his staff since he started in the Oxford community.

As I got older and having a family history of dental problems, I began to have more and more issues with my teeth. I had many extractions and had bridge after bridge made to accommodate the loss of my teeth and the inability to chew everyday foods. My diet was  “only soft foods” based on my ability to chew. My bridge would constantly slip, and food would get under it and make chewing totally impossible. This along with having to put goop on my bridge 3 times a day to keep it in place made me look for a more permanent solution.

Dr. Khoury set up a consultation with me and together we laid out a path of treatment that would extend over 8 months. A lot of visits, discomfort in the beginning, a lot of hard work and healing. All this care by Dr. Khoury and his staff has culminated in the most satisfactory outcome I could imagine.

Today I can eat anything comfortably, I can smile without embarrassment and go to business lunches without fear. This journey has given me the ability to eat a meal without hesitation. Smiling with confidence has been a life changing experience for me.

If my story sounds familiar, I highly recommend calling Dr. John Khoury and his amazing staff for a consultation.

Fred C.

"It was my time for dental health"

After completing paying for braces for my 4 children, I decided it was my turn to focus on my own dental health. I saved up money in 2017 and started Invisalign treatment to straighten my teeth, all the while also seeing a Periodontist.

I knew that I had several significant dental issues to overcome. My smile was not attractive, and I was self-conscious about my smile. I knew I needed a lot of dental work for healthy teeth and a nice smile. I thought other people readily noticed the bad teeth, color of my teeth and I tried to hide my big smile. I also knew I was going to lose my teeth if I did not take strong action.

Dr. Frenchi ( my Periodontist) & Dr. DeHaan (my Orthodontist) provided Dr. Khoury as a reference for a consultation. I visited with Dr. Khoury and discussed what I was looking for and Dr. Khoury provided a treatment plan and a cost package. The time was right, I felt comfortable with him and his staff and committed my time and money going forward.

“My smile is extremely good; it looks strong and healthy”. I do not hesitate to naturally smile! I fully expect that my dental health will improve and pay off  in the long run. Knowing that I made the investment and seeing the good work by Dr. Khoury and his staff, I am confident I made the right decision.

I would like to acknowledge the professionalism and care by the team. This was an exceptionally large treatment over several visits. The results are spectacular, and I am incredibly pleased with the result. I would recommend Dr. Khoury to other patients.

Buck M.

"I felt self-conscious and done trying to hide my smile"

I would always bleach my teeth and somehow find a way to hide my smile. I was done feeling self-conscious. I no longer felt confident because of the appearance of my teeth.

The sign on the road prompted a call and my family started with our cleanings. We felt so comfortable with the doctor and staff that I decided to ask about getting crowns. We came up with a plan together that achieved my dental goal for confidence, worked with my busy schedule and a financial plan that worked with my budget.

I am so pleased with my appearance! It has boosted my self esteem and now I am more than happy to show my smile.

Heather L.

"I never dreamed how life changing this was going to be for me"

Before meeting Dr. Khoury my teeth were a cause for embarrassment. I had buck teeth, braces, discoloration, short roots, root canals, bridges, what was next? This was always my fear! I always felt that my teeth were the first thing everyone focused on.

I had to make a hard decision my dental health had reached the end.  I overcame my fear and anxiety and chose to have dentures.

I have been with this practice for over 10 years. I have always received top care and the staff is thoughtful, these qualities helped me feel comfortable with my decision.

“I never dreamed how life changing this was going to be for me.” I am enjoying not having to deal with cold or sweet sensitivity anymore! I have beautiful teeth with a great big smile. I wish I would have done this sooner!

Laurie H.

"My fear of the dentist kept me from making appointments…"

I was afraid to go to Dentists and because of my fear I basically let my dental health go for many years. This affected my self-confidence, I hardly smiled because of a poor sitting partial.

I had a tooth that needed to be removed. I researched dentist in my area and found one that I was comfortable with. I called right away and was glad I did, everyone in the office made me feel welcome.

I totally overcame my fear and anxiety. I did not hesitate to make my appointments and accomplished my dental goals. My new partial works and looks GREAT! and best of all I have no more pain.

Extremely good staff, they make you feel very welcoming, GREAT EXPERIENCE.

Pamela W.

"My teeth were decaying and I needed a good dentist…"

I was afraid to go to Dentists and was very nervous. I avoided visiting a dentist and my teeth suffered from this avoidance. I did have veneers for years, so self-confidence was not an issue. When my veneers decayed and began to fallout is when I thought about my health and realized something had to be done.

My husband recommended Dr. Khoury as he is a patient. My experience was a very positive one and Dr. Khoury and his staff were wonderful. I overcame my fear, anxiety and financial constraints to accomplish my dental goals.

Dr. Khoury did an awesome job! My dental work is now the highlight of my life. It improved my health, appearance and my self-esteem. He is a wonderful dentist and helped me through my fear and anxiety.

Judy H.

"I am no longer self-conscious about smiling..."

I was so embarrassed by my dental condition prior to seeing Dr. Khoury. I am in a position where I meet new people every day and I was very self-conscious about how my teeth appeared. I truly did not want to end up having false teeth, so I made the decision to seek out professional dental help. I had seen Dr. Khoury’s office many times as it is very close, so I feel that I am very fortunate that it turned out to be such a lucky, good choice. Although the work I needed done was fairly extensive, the office worked with me to space out the payments and was very accommodating. I am no longer self-conscious about smiling and the dental work I had done allowed me to improve my self-esteem.

Judy L.

"All I can say now is WOW..."

I've always hated to have my picture taken, especially when smiling as my front teeth caps (from previous dentist} stood out like a sore thumb. They were discolored and looked too big compared to my surrounding teeth.

After talking with Dr. John Khoury, at Oxford Smile Center, he explained what he could do to make me want to smile for pictures again. After a long time of putting it off, I finally decided to have it done.

All I can say now is WOW, what a difference he made! Now the front teeth match the rest of my teeth, coloring and size are perfect. Dr. John and his staff are the gentlest dental professionals I've ever had, and they take their time and make sure you're comfortable as well. I strongly recommend the Oxford Smile Center for any dentistry anyone may need.

Sincerely, and with much thanks,

Jack L.

"My first visit to Dr. Khoury was the best thing I ever did..."

I am 65 years old and have the most beautiful false teeth ever made. My whole life I have been afraid of Dentists. I know now how silly that was. My first visit to Dr. Khoury was the best thing I ever did. He was very caring and reassured me he and his staff would take good care of me and they have. Who would ever have believe I look forward to appointments. There were a lot of years wasted because of fear. He and his staff are all wonderful people. My whole life I wanted pretty teeth. It’s the first thing I notice when I see someone. I’ve had many appointments to achieve my goal and wouldn’t change a thing. When I look back I realize how silly all that wasted time was. My family and co-workers can’t believe the difference this has made in my life. I can’t thank him enough for all he’s done to change my life.

Cynthia D.

"Dr. Khoury and his staff gave me back my smile..."

After 70 years of avoiding and fearing dentists, of hating my smile and of poor personal dental care, I have now found a dentist and dental practice I can trust with my dental health, Dr. John Khoury and staff.

After years of neglect, my teeth were in poor condition - crooked, yellow and worn down from grinding. I worried that my teeth would affect my general health in old age and I missed my smile in photos. I knew I needed to do something before I was too old to get the kind of extensive work done but I was leery of inept, harsh and money-hungry dentists of the past.

My husband had been seeing Dr. Khoury and was very pleased with his work even though he had to drive a good distance for appointments. He encouraged me to give his practice a try and I was glad that I did. They accomodated me on time and distance by doing the work in fewer visits by having longer sessions. They accomodated us financially too as we were two semi-retired seniors. Dr. Khoury and staff are skilled and gentle technicians that made extensive dental work comfortable and with amazing results. I can now smile confidently in photographs with my grandkids and in public presentations for my work. Dr. Khoury and his staff gave me back my smile and I am so grateful!

Marge S.

"I am smiling more than I have in a very long time..."

Dr. Khoury, Below is my testimonial. Thank you for the opportunity to tell my story!

I have had cosmetic bonding on my front teeth since middle school and well before I knew Dr. Khoury. I have had to get them re-done several times due to staining and/or chipping. It was on my mind to look at other alternatives, as the chipping and staining had once again gotten really bad.

However, as a busy working mom, it was also easy to put this on the back burner. Other things seemed to always take priority. But my teeth had gotten to the point I no longer enjoyed smiling around others or having pictures taken of me. It was time to do something.

But I needed a new dentist, as the one I'd seen since childhood was not only over 1/2 hour away, but had also recently retired. Living in Lake Orion, and having a good friend (Erin Wolf) who works for Dr. Khoury and is always singing his praises, made the decision easy for me. Additionally, he has treated my son for years now and he truly enjoys going to the dentist which I know is not the case for all children. I am truly lucky to have found Dr. Khoury.

I realize that decision may not be as easy for others, so let me share how great my experience was. From the initial consultation, Dr. Khoury and his staff listened to everything I had to share about what I wanted in my cosmetic dentistry. I was given several options to choose from that would give different results and at different price points. At no time did I feel pressure to make an expensive or immediate decision.

As I was trying to decide what I wanted done, both the Dr. and his staff were available to answer questions and put me at ease with my decision whenever I reached out.

Fast-forward a couple months and all my dental work is done. I decided to go with porcelain veneers and could not be happier. My front four teeth are all even and appropriately sized (my natural teeth were not). The shade matches the rest of my teeth perfectly. I no longer have to worry about staining or chipping.

I am smiling more than I have in a very long time and do not shy away from doing so anymore. People have noticed and I'm telling everyone about Dr. Khoury.

Michelle M.