Same-Day Emergency Care

When dental emergencies happen, you need a reliable dentist who can do same-day emergency care with a gentle touch. At John Khoury Dental in Oxford, MI, Dr. Khoury and his staff have years of experience caring for patients presenting issues requiring ambulatory emergency care.


If you’re experiencing severe pain or have a situation that cannot wait, take advantage of comprehensive same-day emergency care (SDEC) at John Khoury Dental.

Emergency Dental Care in Oxford, MI

Patients seeking SDEC services or urgent care need to know that their dentist wants to help them quickly. At John Khoury Dental, the staff uses thorough and personalized patient pathways. The team’s end goal is to implement a long-term plan to restore your mouth to its healthiest state. 

Dental Emergencies

Dr. Khoury and his team are always ready to handle a dental emergency with the utmost professionalism. Some of the most common dental emergencies that require same-day emergency care are:

1. Toothache

Toothaches can be extremely painful and require immediate attention. Waiting to fix the issue will only make it get worse and could mean more money out of your pocket.

2. Cracked, Broken, or Chipped Teeth

Broken teeth need repair as soon as possible. If you have a cracked or broken tooth, put a cold compress on the area and collect any tooth fragments. Keep the pieces in warm water to keep them from drying out.

3. Avulsed Tooth

An avulsed tooth is a tooth that has come completely out of your mouth. Put the tooth in milk or water. Contact emergency room hospital admissions if you’ve had a severe accident resulting in lacerations and steady bleeding.

Get Same-Day Emergency Care with Dr. Khoury

For the best same-day emergency care in Oxford, MI, call John Khoury Dental at 248-969-7645. You can also visit the office at 1120 S Lapeer Rd, Suite 100, Oxford, MI 48371.