Occlusal Analysis

Whether your adult teeth grew in crooked or recent factors shifted your once-perfect bite, an occlusal analysis in Oxford, MI, does more than provide an aesthetically-pleasing smile. Conducted by our highly-skilled team at John Khoury Dental, this process analyzes a patient's bite and misalignment causes to determine how to restore their oral health.

What is Occlusion?

An occlusal analysis studies teeth alignment. Your dentist examines how the upper row of teeth connects with the lower one. If your teeth don't come together effortlessly, meaning you have to adjust your bite when you eat or close your jaw, you may be experiencing malocclusion. 

What Are the Signs of Malocclusion?

Other signs you may need an occlusal adjustment include:


  • Constant headaches and jaw pain from the jaw straining to close properly
  • Worn, broken, or sensitive teeth from an uneven bite placing pressure on occlusal surfaces and weakening them
  • Tender gums, which feel the force of a pressure point in your bite


How Do I Fix the Problem?

Malocclusion occurs when your teeth fall out or become injured from aging, oral disease, or accidents, forcing them to shift. Therefore, treatment plans include readjusting your bite. 


First, your dentist inspects your teeth, gums, and jawbones, possibly with X-rays, and compares it to your dental history to diagnose any changes and possible causes. This occlusal analysis determines whether you need crown lengthening or restoration for shorter teeth or tooth surface removal to level your bite. They may also consider orthodontal treatments like braces.    

Oral Care with John Khoury Dental

Many fear pain in the dentist's chair, but putting off your misalignment often leads to more significant pain down the line. Our certified team uses anesthesia for the pain and nerves to give you maximum comfort, even with a minor occlusal analysis and repair. So, trust John Khoury Dental in Oxford, MI, to repair your smile when you call 248-969-7645 today!