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If your smile suffers from misaligned, gapped, or crowded teeth, you may enjoy using Invisalign instead of traditional metal braces. Dental problems like overlapping or crooked front teeth may cause concern due to the high visibility of the issue.


Using metal braces to fix your teeth brings other uncomfortable side effects like:

  • Long treatment times
  • Tightening appointments
  • Canker sores
  • Cuts on your gums or lips

Especially as an adult, you may not like the idea of wearing braces since the public associates them with teenagers and young children. Thankfully, modern-day dental science makes it possible for you to slowly straighten your teeth with plastic aligners.


With clear Invisalign from John Khoury Dental, you can enjoy a more comfortable, easy-to-handle dental realignment.

Invisalign Benefits

Oxford dental patients enjoy many Invisalign benefits not found in traditional braces. If you don’t want to deal with noticeable, semi-permanent, problematic braces, you may enjoy the freedoms of Invisalign. Some Invisalign benefits include:

  • Reduced headaches, migraines, and jaw pain
  • Protect your teeth against decay
  • Fix issues with your natural bite
  • Easy removal for dental cleaning
  • Nearly invisible
  • No metal brackets or wires
  • Eat anything you like
  • Designed for easy talking and chewing

What Is the Invisalign Process?

The Consultation

During your initial Invisalign appointment, we’ll inspect your teeth to ensure your mouth will work correctly with Invisalign. Good Invisalign candidates only require minor dental corrections, while more severe problems may not work with this treatment option.


If you have any of these complex orthodontic problems, you may need braces instead of Invisalign:

  • Rotated or severely crooked teeth
  • Unerupted teeth needing placement
  • Severe over, under, cross, or open bites
  • Overlapping teeth or teeth with wide gaps

Preparing for Invisalign

After confirming that your mouth will benefit from Invisalign, our team will take impressions of your teeth along with photographs to help give your teeth a naturally-straight appearance. Dental technicians then create a set of Invisalign customized for your dental situation.

Using Invisalign

You’ll receive several plastic aligners with a timeline telling you when to move on to the next set. Throughout the process, you may feel mild to moderate discomfort during the first day after you put in a new set.


However, tooth movement is much more gradual with Invisalign than traditional metal braces. So, you’ll enjoy a more comfortable experience with shorter treatment times.

How to Care for Invisalign

Traditional metal braces require regular dental hygiene and other steps to ensure oral health. With Invisalign, you don’t need to carry orthodontic wax to prevent canker sores or specially designed floss threaders.


Some tips for Invisalign care include:

  • Brush your Invisalign during your dental care routine
  • Rinse your Invisalign each time you remove them
  • Soak your aligners once per day to keep them clean
  • Remove your Invisalign when eating or drinking

Straighten Your Smile with Invisalign

Enjoy a beautiful smile with Invisalign from John Khoury Dental in Oxford, MI. Call 248-453-6156 to set up a consultation with our dental professionals.