Full and Partial Dentures


Dentures are a non-abrasive method of fixing gaps in your smile. For some, these gaps result from accidents, aging, or weakened gums or jaw bones that cause loose or detached teeth. While many solutions remedy unwanted spacing, we at John Khoury Dental frequently recommend full and partial dentures in Oxford, MI, and surrounding areas.

What’s the Difference Between Full and Partial Dentures?

Full dentures are only available to those missing all their teeth or who need their remaining teeth pulled. After all teeth have come out of your mouth, we wait for the gums to shrink to accommodate this loss. Once your gums shrink, we create conventional dentures to fit over them securely.


If downtime isn’t an option, we’ll have pre-made immediate dentures waiting for you on your tooth extraction day. However, as the gums continue to shrink and heal, the immediate dentures require constant alteration until you’re ready for your permanent set of dentures. 


Rather than fitting over the shrunken gums, partial dentures replace small sets of teeth with a metal framework that keeps the gum-looking plastic base in place. Partial dentures are unique to each individual, replacing distinctive patterns of missing teeth for uniform dental appearances. The removable bridge is perfect for anyone who is uninterested in cosmetic dentistry and still has healthy natural teeth.

Denture Care

Oral hygiene keeps your denture set intact and prevents further tooth decay. In addition to using a soft-bristled brush on your teeth, gums, the roof of your mouth, and tongue twice a day to deter bacteria, brush your dentures free of food particles before rinsing them thoroughly. Then, place your dentures in a glass of water to soak overnight. 

John Khoury Dental

Quality full and partial dentures support your facial muscles while giving you the confidence to smile. For excellent oral health, call John Khoury Dental in Oxford, MI, at (248) 265-3431 for an appointment with our experienced team!